PS3 downloadable game Flow gets release date

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PS3 downloadable game Flow gets release date

Culver City (CA) – One of the few games for the PS3 online store to achieve pre-release hype, Flow has received an official release date. The casual game, developed by Thatgamecompany, will be available from the PS3 online network on December 19.

Sony has been focusing a lot of attention on the downloadable game aspect of the PS3, which it is calling the e-Distribution Initiative (EDI). Previously, Sony has said that the Playstation 4 could possibly not even have a disc drive, and offer all games directly through the console.

The game’s developer is also working on two more EDI games for the PS3, taking the designation as the first in-house development company working exclusively on original titles for the online service.

The Xbox 360 and Wii also offer similar services, though the Xbox Live Arcade and Virtual Console mainly offer legendary games from previous generations. With EDI, Sony is more focused on original content.


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