HowTo Video Training Page – Skype 3 Videos added

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HowTo Video Training Page - Skype 3 Videos added
UPDATE: Skype 3 videos added

If you are still undecided on whether to install Skype 3.0, we’ve provided a short video that goes through some of the more notable features. You’ll even get a glimpse of Skypecasts, moderated chatrooms where anything goes. In fact, we accidentally stumbled into one room where people were asking for cracks and serials codes for Windows Vista.

Howto Videos

We’ve always brought you news about new hardware and software, but wouldn’t it be great to actually learn how to use the darn stuff? Our new HowTo video section contain short, high-quality videos that clearly explain new features or show how to perform important tasks. Many of these videos are the same ones we use to train and TG Publishing editors and freelancers.

After clicking the link, the videos will open up in another 1024 by 768 pixel window. We’ve encoded the videos in both Windows Media and Quicktime formats.

Skype 3.0

4 Mins 41 Secs – WMV, Quicktime – New Features

Adobe Acrobat 8

Acrobat 8 is Adobe’s newest PDF reader, but is it worth the time to upgrade? Find out by watching the following videos.

5 Mins 03 Secs – WMV, Quicktime – The Interface and What’s New
3 Mins 44 Secs – WMV, Quicktime – Copy and Paste from a PDF into other documents

Adobe Photoshop CS2

Adobe Photoshop CS2 is a powerful program, but for new users it can be a beast to navigate around. Here are some of our internal training videos we use to train our editors and freelancers – think of it as an early Holiday present.

3 Mins 38 Secs – WMV, Quicktime – The Interface
5 Mins 37 Secs – WMV, Quicktime – Basic Editing and Cropping
3 Mins 38 Secs – WMV, Quicktime – Basic Editorial Workflow
3 Mins 28 Secs – WMV, Quicktime – Convention Product Placards
4 Mins 45 Secs – WMV, Quicktime – Editing Boothbabe Pictures

Firefox 3.0 Alpha

2 Mins 19 Secs – WMV, Quicktime – New Features

Microsoft Outlook 2003

1 Mins 59 Secs – WMV, Quicktime – Introduction
4 Mins 50 Secs – WMV, Quicktime – Customizing the Interface
5 Mins 34 Secs – WMV, Quicktime – Email Management
2 Mins 55 Secs – WMV, Quicktime – Making a Signature
4 Mins 15 Secs – WMV, Quicktime – Creating Appointments
2 Mins 57 Secs – WMV, Quicktime – Moving Appointments

Microsoft Windows XP

2 Mins 29 Secs – WMV, Quicktime – Changing the keyboard layout to DVORAK