Microsoft responds to Xbox Live video marketplace problems

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Microsoft responds to Xbox Live video marketplace problems

Redmond (WA) – Larry Hryb, known to Xbox Live users as Major Nelson, has posted a new blog entry on his Web site where he addresses issues that have popped up since the debut of the Xbox Live Video Marketplace, including downloading incorrect content for paying users.

Hryb, as the mouthpiece for Xbox Live, says “We understand these technical issues have resulted in a very unpleasant experience for our members, including extremely slow downloads or not receiving the content they purchased.” These are concerns that users are having when trying to download TV shows or movies on the newly opened Video Marketplace.

According to Hryb, though, the problems are being solved as quickly as possible, with progress already reportedly made on fixing the troublesome internal glitches. The team is working “as fast as they can around the clock to get the service running as seamlessly as you have come to expect,” he says.

Users who have experienced technical difficulties resulting in not receiving a downloaded piece of content, or receiving something different than what they purchased, will receive a full refund of their Microsoft Points if they call the Xbox customer support line, according to Hryb.


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