Movies and TV shows pop up on Xbox Live

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Movies and TV shows pop up on Xbox Live

Redmond (WA) – Exactly one year after the Xbox 360 made its retail debut, the console’s online service lived up to promises made this month, as movie and TV show downloads are now available on Xbox Live.

The Xbox Live Marketplace, in addition to arcade-style games and digital extras for Xbox 360 titles, is now stocked with digital versions of full-length TV shows and movies, available for between $2 and $6, with a myriad of different pricing levels depending on the resolution chosen by the user.

Entertainment companies signed on to provide content for Xbox Live include MTV, CBS, Turner Broadcasting, Paramount Pictures, and Warner Bros. Now available on Xbox Live are TV shows such as Punk’d, Spongebob, Sealab 2021, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and a couple different Star Trek series, as well as all three shows in the CSI family. Immediately available movies include Poseidon, V For Vendetta, The Shining, and Perfect Storm.

Episodes of TV shows, which sell for 160 Microsoft points ($2) each, or 240 points ($3) for the high-definition version, are available to users to view forever. Movies, however, are downloaded on a rental basis, much like cable pay-per-view movies, or online digital rental sites like Movielink. For new release movies, the rental price is 320 Microsoft points ($4) for a standard-definition version, or 480 points ($6) for HD. Older movies ring in at 240 points ($3) for SD and 360 points ($4.50) for HD.