Top 10 reasons why to buy a Playstation 3 on Ebay

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Top 10 reasons why to buy a Playstation 3 on Ebay

Chicago (IL) – When we last checked, there about 13,000 PS3s on sale on Ebay. With that many consoles for sale, one could have guessed, a balance of supply and demand may not be that far away – and sellers are getting creative to get rid of their console. Fresh from Ebay, here are the top-10 reasons why to buy a PS3, if you have the money to spend.

Before you head down to the list, make sure you know what you are getting into when shelling out a few thousand dollars for a toy. We decline any responsibility, if you are unhappy with your new Ebay PS3 and believe you have been cheated out of your savings.

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Our Top 10 reasons why to buy a Playstation 3 on Ebay

10. You can buy from a celebrity
From the auction: “If you live in the Portland Metro area you know who I am; I was the guy that you saw standing in line at Best Buy on Airport Way. I was there from Monday 10pm until the release Friday morning at 8am; it was incredible. I am certain you are aware of the obvious over saturation of the PS3 marketplace here on eBay. This being the case, I am not letting this package go for anything less then $5000.”
Yours for: $5000

9. Finance a college fund
From the auction: “The reason I am setting up this auction is to fund my children’s college fund. I have 4 beautiful children and would like them to have a great future.”
Yours for: $1,000,000

8. Get a free car
From the auction: “Now for your bonus: 1994 BMW 540i Oriental Blue exterior with light gray leather interior. Makes any trip fast! 134,000 miles. Runs and Drives with excellence!”
Yours for: $9500

7. Deduct your PS3 from taxes
From the auction: “I am involved with an organization called Younglife that I am giving 90% of the $ to. I am keeping 10% of the money. $5000. I will be using that money to move my wife and [me] to Arizona.”
Yours for: $50,000

6. Get your PS3 from Santa, Mrs. Clause and four Elves
From the auction: “We will personally delivery this package to the winning bidders’ house, anywhere in the world, on Christmas morning. We will be showing up as Santa Clause with Mrs. Clause & 4 Elves. We have contacted a world news broadcasting company in hopes of having them cover this story on Christmas morning … Obviously this will be a big moment for you and your family and we are dedicated to making this the most memorable Christmas ever.”
Yours for: $1,750,000

5. Get a Playstation 3 and Wii for every TV in your house
From the auction: “5 60GB PS3 and 1 20GB PS3 for $14,000.00 or accepted best offers $12,000.00 and above get 6 Wii and 6 TMX Free”
Yours for: $12,000

4. Be proud of having bought the most expensive PS3
From the auction: “You will have bragging rights. You can say you spent X amount of dollars on a PS3. This auction will get on the news. You will be known worldwide.”
Yours for: $125,000

3. Thanksgiving is just around the corner
From the auction: “Help me afford my Turkey stuffed with a duck, stuffed with a chicken, wrapped in bacon, filled with ranch dressing and cheese. It sounds delicious. I want one, and I want to invite Stephen Colbert to dinne[r]! Make it happen!”
Yours for: $5700

2. Fund someone’s movie career
From the auction: “My brother and I are aspiring movie writers/directors and I am doing this to help make that a reality.”
Yours for: $25,000

and finally … drumroll please … you should buy a PS3 on Ebay because …

1. Some PS3 sellers are very sensitive
From the auction: “Why should I listen to the negativity that other people has to throw at me? Why should I lower my price based on what 10 people think? Who are they to tell me what to do? As far as I know, I live in a country filled with hopes and dreams. I’m proud to live in a country with so much freedom. Why should I give up my hopes, dreams, and freedom, because of people that just want to be hurtful! So I’m going to exceed my own limitations and do what I wanted to do. I’m not being greedy or needy. Like I said, it’s a free country so I can do whatever I wish to do. Whether this thing sells for 1,000,000 or a dollar, it’s only money. And yes, in the end, this is only a toy with a retail value of $599.”
Yours for: $1,000,000