Nvidia’s SLI Marketplace open for business

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Nvidia's SLI Marketplace open for business

Santa Clara (CA) – Just in time for the holiday season, Nvidia today announced the official unveiling of its digital SLI Marketplace store, which allows consumers to browse through SLI components, as well as other Nvidia products. It also integrates Ebay auctions, allowing users to buy and sell used products within the SLI Marketplace interface.

The site lets buyers search through more than 50 different etailers, including system builders and Ebay, allowing them to compare prices of different GPUs, cases, and even complete PC systems through a proprietary search design.

“Step by step, it walks do-it-yourself customers through the process of building a state-of-the-art gaming PC, ensuring that all of the components are compatible. Even customers not previously familiar with SLI technology can now make intelligent purchases from our wide range of PC component offerings,” said Doug Marrs, vice president at Buy.com, one of the sites in the list of compiled online stores available in the SLI Marketplace.

When customers enter the SLI Marketplace, they are given the option to search for desktops, notebooks, and components, all of which are SLI certified or SLI ready. A section for “Nvidia Gear” is also available. For consumers who want to buy a full PC package, the site takes them through a series of customization options to find the exact PC or component they want, and then the price is calculated.

For those who just want to buy specific components, consumers choose whether they want a graphics card, motherboard, etc, then choose the specific model from a drop-down box, and a list of etailers and corresponding prices for that specific product is shown.