Melitta coffeemaker grinds out weather report

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Melitta coffeemaker grinds out weather report

Clearwater (FL) – The Melitta Smart Mill and Brew coffemaker just went on sale and, according to the German coffee company, marks its place in history as the first coffeemaker to team up with Microsoft to provide weather reports in addition to the morning brew.

The Smart Mill and Brew, which went on sale Thursday, taps into Microsoft’s wireless MSN Direct service to display a three-day weather forecast onto an LCD screen on the side of the device. The forecast includes probability of precipitation and expected sunrise/sunset times.

The connection is received through an integrated FM tuner, meaning no wireless configuring is needed to get the weather reports.

“We are all busy people, constantly on the go. Everyone needs up-to-date weather information, and this is a fun, new way to get weather with a quick glance,” said Microsoft general manager Eric Lang.

The coffeemaker retails for $200. There is no fee associated with the MSN Direct service.