Playstation 3 fetches $15,000 on Ebay

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Playstation 3 fetches $15,000 on Ebay

Following a frenzy of midnight and early morning sales of Sony’s Playstation 3 console in the U.S., the devices were almost immediately available for purchase through Ebay as well. More than 8200 consoles were listed as of 11 am EST, with winning bids quickly escalating into a price ranges that also could buy a brand new compact car.

While early morning sales could get you a new 60 GB PS3 for less than $5000, late morning auctions were hitting $7000 by 10 am, $10,000 by 10:30 am and even $15,000 by 11 am. Among many fake bids, there appears to be a substantial amount of legitimate bids from well-rated Ebay buyers that are in the area above $5000. The $15,000 sale was confirmed by TG Daily.