Fry’s to sell $1080 PS3 bundle, Circuit City schedules midnight launch

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Fry's to sell $1080 PS3 bundle, Circuit City schedules midnight launch

Chicago (IL) – If you are already planning on spending $600 for the Playstation 3 and few extra dollars on or more games this package should not be much of a sticker shock: According to this ad (PDF – 2.9 MB), which we found through a post on the FatWallet forums, Fry’s will require PS3 buyers to buy at least eight games with their new console.

The bundle, consisting of a 60 GB PS3, and the games Ultimate Alliance, Madden NFL 07, NBA 2007, Gundam, Dark Kingdom, Tony Hawk, Ridge Racer 2007 and Resistance will sell for $1080. A 20 GB PS3 and with the same game package will sell for $980.

Other stores, including Best Buy and Circuit City, have begun providing details on how the available consoles will be distributed.

Best Buy said that store employees will begin handing out tickets, which will be good for one PS3 console, on November 17 at 7 am in front of its stores. Each store will carry at least 20 60 GB PS3s and at least six 20 GB models. Best Buy did not say whether the console will be offered as part of a bundle.

Circuit City will be hosting midnight launch events in six stores – New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington and Richmond. Each of these stores will be selling 100 consoles. Additionally, the New York store on Union Square will be giving away 100 consoles in a prize drawing, while the other five locations will be giving away five consoles each.

The company did not say how many PS3 consoles will be available through its other retail locations.

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