Hide your television behind your art with TV Coverups

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Hide your television behind your art with TV Coverups

Long Beach (CA) – Showcasing the latest model of itsart-over-TV product, TV Coverups is on hand at the Electronic House Expo with one of the more artistic showings. The company now offers a more affordable, manual mechanism that allows consumers to flip between a large-screen TV and a framed piece of artwork, in addition to the automatic, remote control-based model.

The coverup mechanism is custom-made to attach to any flat-panel TV. Consumers can then attach any piece of artwork, either from their own personal collection, or from a slate of paintings and drawings that TV Coverups offers.

The top of the line version is mechanically controlled, and can be activated using a remote control, either via wireless infa-red or a corded RS232 connection, or by pushing a button on the side of the TV.

Consumers can also use the coverup to hide speakers and other thin, mountable components around the TV. We demoed the two different models on display at EHX, and they seem to get the job done without too much hassle.

A company rep told us that, as the company gets increasing demand for higher-size screens (50″, 60″, and larger). Customers are also requesting scratch-resistant plexiglass mirrors, rather than art to cover the televisions.

The manual version, which scraps all the cumbersome electronic components, has a price of $400, while the more technologically inclusive models go up from there.