Slingbox updates models, talks innovative use

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Slingbox updates models, talks innovative use

Long Beach (CA) – Sling Media has a modest, but noticeable presence at this year’s EHX. On top of the list is the latest version of the Slingbox, the Pro model, which has three different source inputs to allow users to watch content from their TV, DVD player, video camera, and others, anywhere in the world. We also heard about some of the unconventional uses people have been experimenting with using their Slingbox devices.

Slingbox has made an A/V only box

The big thing that Sling is still touting is the Slinbox Pro. Unlike the other versions, the Pro gives users the ability to have multiple video sources connected at once. Up to three devices can be linked to the Slingbox Pro, which can include a TiVo, satellite input, VCR, and virtually anything with an AV or coaxial input.

This is the cable-only box

Additionally, all Slingbox models have been updated with new chipsets across the board, which allows the streaming content from remote locations to have better video quality, according to the rep with whom we spoke.

Perhaps the most interesting thing we heard about Sling, though, is the unexpected ways that Slingbox owners have been able to manipulate the streaming video technology. For example, it’s becoming more commonplace for people to use their Sling A/V device to connect to an always-on video camera that they have hooked up somewhere in their house or office and use it as a remote security system.

Also, the company rep told us that a couple of health clinics have used the Slingbox to stream pictures of X-rays remotely, an idea which came in handy during the massive communication problems from Hurricane Katrina.