Ferrari busts out $20K home audio speakers

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Ferrari busts out $20K home audio speakers

Long Beach (CA) – One of the more interesting things we found at Electronic House Expo is a full-room home speaker tower from Ferrari. The elegant and expensive car maker wants to make the speakers as luxurious and exclusive as possible, and at a $20,000 standalone price, it meets that depiction.

The speakers are sold through Ferrari dealerships, where customers can purchase them with one of the luxury cars. For those who can spend $500,000 or more on a car, an extra $20,000 for a head-turning set of speakers seems pretty reasonable.

Further fitting the Ferrari namesake, the speakers are sold in four different colors – red, silver, black, and gray – that match the most common Ferrari models.

From what we could tell, they sound very nice, though it’s nothing leaps and bounds beyond what a $1,000 or $2,000 home audio package offers. This product is about pure luxury and elegance. As one of the reps told us, it’s the kind of product that a guy puts in his garage with his four Ferraris.

The speakers are being produced on a limited edition basis, with only 1,000 planned to be made, according to the rep.


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