Microsoft re-releases BSOD screensaver

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Microsoft re-releases BSOD screensaver

Microsoft has re-released the infamous Blue Screen of Death screensaver from Sysinternals. The screensaver simulates the trademark Windows error message and even fakes hard drive activity.

Microsoft is officially calling the screensave ‘Bluescreen’. Every 15 seconds Bluescreen will rotate through different BSOD errors and will display information such as build numbers, loaded drivers and even memory sizes. Microsoft proclaims that it’s accuracy will “fool even advanced NT developers.”

Screensavers based on the BSOD have been around for years and this one originally comes from Microsoft’s purchase of Sysinternals, now called Windows Sysinternals. The small 64 kb screensaver works with almost all Windows versions from Windows 95 and up.

You can download Bluescreen on Microsoft’s Technet website.


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