Best Buy boots Burbank PS3 line – Updated with Picture

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Best Buy boots Burbank PS3 line - Updated with Picture

Best Buy Burbank has given the boot to the ten people waiting for the Sony PlayStation 3 launch. According to our sources in the line, Best Buy kicked the group off property on Friday afternoon November 10. This comes almost four full days after they initially started lining up.

Sign posted at the Best Buy store entrance

The group was in high spirits Wednesday night when we interviewed them for our “PS3 fans quit jobs and postpone engagement to wait in line ” article. At that time they seemed to have the full support of Best Buy and several employees walked by to chat with the group. One female employee even offered the group cigarettes.

It’s unknown if the call to move the campers was a Best Buy corporate decision or if instructions came down from the Empire Center, the mall where Best Buy Burbank is located, property management. Calls to the Best Buy corporate offices and Best Buy Burbank went unanswered.