Palm gets FCC approval for Treo 680, 750 smartphones

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Palm gets FCC approval for Treo 680, 750 smartphones

Chicago (IL) – Documents recently published on the website of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) indicate that the introduction of a pair of new Palm Treo smartphones may only be a few weeks away.

First up was the Treo 680, a new slim smartphone that is positioned to complement Palms product on the lower-end. The device, which was announced on October 12, is based on an Intel PXA270 Xscale processor with 312 MHz “Bulverde” core. According to specifications already published on Palm’s website, the phone sports a 320×320 pixel screen, 64 MB of user-accessible memory, an integrated 352 x 288 pixel video camera and Bluetooth functionality. The 680 will run PalmOS Garnet version 5.4.9.

Palm Treo 680

Palm also received FCC approval for a higher-end Treo 750, which has not been announced so far and whose specifications are unclear at this time. What we know, however, is that Palm will offer GSM- and CDMA-based 3G versions of the 750. All 750 models will run Windows Mobile 5.0, offer built-in Wi-Fi functionality, Bluetooth, a 1.3 megapixel camera as well as an SD card expansion slot. Engagdet posted pictures of the 750 last August.