Yahoo’s cooking oil-powered car to attempt land speed record

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Yahoo's cooking oil-powered car to attempt land speed record

Sunnyvale (CA) – Yahoo is sponsoring a cooking oil-powered car that will try to set a land speed record this weekend. The 3000 hp, 6-cylinder, twin turbo car will race at the El Mirage dry lake bed near Victorville California on Sunday November 12 from 10 am to 12 pm.

Yahoo is using the event to kick off the launch of its Yahoo! Autos Green Center, a website about alternative automotive fuels. The site showcases hybrid cars along with information about ethanol, biodiesel, natural gas and upcoming electric and hydrogen fuel cell cars.

The event is sanctioned by the Southern California Timing Association which regularly sponsors races at the 5-mile long El Mirage dry lake bed. In previous events some cars and motorcycles reached in excess of 225 mph.

There will be approximately 400 other land speed vehicles competing for the fastest time in El Mirage.

TG Daily will cover the event and will bring you the latest news, pictures and video.