Best Buy cancels PS3 pre-orders

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Best Buy cancels PS3 pre-orders

Gamers who pre-ordered their Sony PlayStation 3 through Best Buy will be getting their money back. The retail giant has canceled all pre-orders and sent emails to customers saying, “Your preorder for the PlayStation 3 gaming system will be canceled.”

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Even though the order was accepted in the first place, Best Buy said that the online store system was not “intended to take preorders”.

Best Buy and other retailers have often reserved consoles for employees or friends, but management seems to be cracking down on that tradition. Best Buy employees have been virtually locked out from purchasing the consoles, but we are sure some will find a creative solution around the problem.


We talked to a Best Buy employee at the San Bernardino California store who said, “You can’t pre-order these and you have to stand in line to get one.” He added that it was first come first served.