AOL opens new AIM tools to developers

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AOL opens new AIM tools to developers

Dulles (VA) – AOL today announced the beta launch of AIM Whimsicals, a new set of Web-based application programming interfaces (APIs) that give Internet developers the tools to embed AIM services and features directly into any Web site.

An extension to the Open AIM program, which AOL launched in March, AIM Whimsicals add new features for Web developers to take advantage of. This includes the ability to let users send and receive AIM instant messages through an embedded platform that can be integrated to any Web site. Additionally, buddy lists, away messages, profiles, and buddy icons can all be accessed using the tools that AOL is now providing.

In addition to getting more exposure, the open access tools give developers the ability to tweak the code and create their own “mash-ups”, creating new features using the AIM platform. According to AOL, more than 50,000 people have registered for the Open AIM Initiative.

AOL has become one of the most prolific companies for releasing API tools. In addition to releasing online AIM tools, the company has opened initiatives that give Web developers access to tools for integrating AOL Video, AOL Music, AOL Pictures, Winamp, and Mapquest to their sites.


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