Samsug to releases fanless sub-notebook

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Samsug to releases fanless sub-notebook

Samsung Electronci has introduced a new two and a half pound sub-notebook that uses no fans. The Sens Q40 notebook is powered by an Intel Centrino U1400 processor and Samsung claims the battery will last up to 3.5 hours.

Samsung is also selling an extended battery that will last up to seven hours. Other notable features of the laptop are the 1 GB of RAM, a modest 60 GB hard drive and a digital DMB receiver. DMB is South Korea’s version of over the air high and standard-definition video to portable devices, mainly mobile phones.

The Samsung Q40 will cost around $2250. Like with most cool Korean products, this laptop will only be available in Korea and in Europe. Samsung does not officially sell laptops in the United States.

Fanless notebooks are not new and you can watch a video of fanless Panasonic Toughbook being tortured at the CTIA 2006 expo here.