Nearly 40 games confirmed for PS3 online download service

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Nearly 40 games confirmed for PS3 online download service

Tokyo (Japana) – Fresh off the heels of Nintendo’s announced lineup of titles available for its Wii virtual console service, Sony has said that its own downloadable game platform for the upcoming PS3 console, is growing a respectable library as well, with “about 40” exclusive titles heading to the platform, says Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios president Phil Harrison.

Akin to Microsoft’s pioneering Xbox Live Arcade service and Nintendo’s upcoming Wii virtual console store, Sony will be bringing out the e-Distribution Initiative (EDI) to the PS3, which will allow users to purchase and download games directly from an Internet-connected console.

According to an interview with, Harrison referred to EDI as “a call to action to the development community to encourage them to create games specifically for us, that we would fund, that we would publish, in the online sense of the word, and distribute online.”

Harrison didn’t comment on specific titles, but previously announced games include flOw and Calling All Cars that will be released exclusively on the PS3 downloadable platform.

“We’re seeing an emerging strength in developers creating games specifically for downloadable content. We’re seeing that as a really interesting way of stimulating creativity, experimentation… And it makes me feel as excited as about the games that we saw at the beginning of PS1, when there was a lot of really interesting innovation happening in the marketplace. I think we’ll see that on PlayStation 3 as well,” said Harrison.