Internet grows to over 100 million websites

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Internet grows to over 100 million websites

According to Internet monitoring firm Netcraft, the Internet has blossomed to more than 100 million websites this month. According to the report, new online stores and the explosion of blogs helped to reach the new milestone so quickly.

The services from Google and Microsoft that allowed users to get their own domain name for free had a tremendous impact on the huge incline of new sites over the past months, according to Netcraft.

The research firm calculated that in October, the tally reached nearly 98 million sites, and entering November, the number jumped to just over 101 million.

Technorati, a company that tracks blog activity, has reported that more than 175,000 new blogs are created around the world every day, or in other words, about two new blogs hit the Net every second of every day.

Since the concept that eventually evolved to the Internet was created more than 30 years ago, and up to 2004, the amount of sites online reached 50 million. It took just two years to double that number. When Netcraft was formed in 1995, it counted a measly 18,957 websites.