Sony to bring out world’s lightest notebook computer

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Sony to bring out world's lightest notebook computer

According to a Reuters story, Sony has announced plans to introduce what it’s calling the world’s lightest notebook computer to Japanese consumers some time in December, in an attempt to bring back some positive attention to Sony after the huge notebook battery recall disaster that continues to have an impact on the company.

The Type G Vaio computer, which sports a 12.1 inch LCD display, weighs in at just 1.9 pounds. Most laptop computers that have been deemed “light-weight” range between four and six pounds, and some notebooks tip the scales at over 10 pounds.

Sony said it plans to sell the Type G Vaio initially only in Japan, with a basic model to run about $1,880. No plans were mentioned about bringing the computer over to the US as of yet.

Sony said that the new light-weight PC is aimed more at business customers than for personal use. Correspondingly, the company mentioned that it expects 30% of its PC revenue to go to corporate clients by 2010. That group currently counts for about 10% of Sony’s computer sales.


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