Battle of the Tubes: uTube sues YouTube

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Battle of the Tubes: uTube sues YouTube

Universal Tube and Rollform Equipment Corporation, a maker of tube manufacturing machines, is suing video-sharing giant YouTube because of its similarly sounding web name. Universal Tube’s website,, has been knocked offline several times from people who misspelled’s website.

Universal Tube has filed the lawsuit in United State District Court and is asking YouTube to stop using or pay for to switch over to a new name. Universal Tube doesn’t think it has to change their name because was registered in 1996 which is almost a decade before’s 2005 February registration.

The small 17 employee Universal Tube says that its website received 68 million hits in August which is much than what it usually gets. A quick look at’s Alexa traffic ranking shows a spike in traffic over the last two months. is currently offline at the time of this article.


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