Yahoo’s not so "cheap" shot versus YouTube

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Yahoo's not so "cheap" shot versus YouTube

Sunnyvale (CA) – In a clear step to usurp Google’s YouTube, Yahoo has announced a video talent show that will offer $50,000 and an episode contract to the lucky winner. During the eight week contest starting on November 13th, people will upload videos that will be voted on by the public and a panel of judges.

Yahoo is now accepting video submissions on the Talent Show website and contestants can upload up to 50 videos in various formats up until November 27th. Starting on November 13th, web surfers will be able to watch and vote on their favorite videos. On December 4th, a panel of judges will pick five finalists and the public will vote on December 12th and 13th on the winning videos which will air on the 14th.

The contest’s motto “Save The Web From Bad Videos” is a clear shot at YouTube, a competing video hosting site that was recently purchased by Google. YouTube is currently the largest video sharing website in the world, but it can be a bit frustrating finding quality videos.

YouTube also doesn’t offer any money, even if the videos become very successful. Some of the more saavy productions, like Ask a Ninja, have made money by selling ring tones and shirts. Yahoo is taking a different approach by offering money and an exclusive contract to produce a video show within one year. The winner will get an extra $10,000 to produce a pilot episode and, if successful, will get up to four extendable yearly contracts.