Medal of Honor Heroes ships for PSP

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Medal of Honor Heroes ships for PSP

Redwood City (CA) – Electronic Arts today announced that it has begun shipping its latest title, Medal of Honor Heroes, for the portable PSP system, adding to the large library of games in the Medal of Honor series.

Medal of Honor Heroes Screenshots …

The first game in the franchise to be released on the PSP, Medal of Honor Heroes is a first-person shooter game set in the World War II era, with six different multiplayer modes on 15 areas from which to choose. There is support for up to 32 players via wireless infrastructure connection, which EA says is the most ever offered on the PSP.

According to EA, there are several exclusive elements to the PSP version, including a unique storyline, a “totally new single player campaign”, and new unlockable characters.

The Medal of Honor series, which began in 1999 with a game on the original PlayStation console, now contains nearly 30 titles, with a multi-platform game already slated for all three next-generation consoles.

Medal of Honor Heroes is rated T and has a suggested retail price of $40. The game will be available for sale on Wednesday.


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