McAfee unhappy with Microsoft’s Vista adjustments

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McAfee unhappy with Microsoft's Vista adjustments

McAfee today issued an official statement as reaction to Microsoft’s recently announced adjustments in its upcoming Windows Vista operating system. Christopher Thomas partner at law firm Lovells, which currently acts as legal counsel for McAfee in Brussels, raised concerns that Microsoft may not be doing enough to match the concessions made last week.

“Despite all promises, press conferences and speeches of Microsoft, the community of independent security vendors, which consumers count on to protect their computers, does not see any signs that Microsoft has any intentions to keep its promises made last week,” Thomas was quoted. “We are very disappointed by the lack of concrete measures being taken by the company. Microsoft has neither kept the individual promises nor the general direction that was given by the executive management.”

Microsoft last week confirmed that it will be revising the feature set of Windows Vista, which is on track for a global launch in January 2007. The European and Korean editions will see changes in the areas of security, search and the new file format XPS, the company said.

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