Apple files for iPhone trademark – rumor

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Apple files for iPhone trademark - rumor

Culver City (CA) – The long rumored Apple iPhone may become a reality soon. According to the Apple Insider, an online rumor site specializing in anonymous news tips, Apple has files for a trademark for the iPhone. The site says the September 15th filing is still under examination.

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The trademark filing hasn’t been confirmed by any other website. There are several patent and trademark offices in Asia, most notably the South Korean Intellectual Property Office and the Japanese Patent Office. It’s not known which office the rumored trademark was filed in, but South Korea would be the best bet because it is the mobile phone manufacturing capital of the world.

Shaw Wu, an analyst with American Technology Research, and Jesse Tortora with the Prudential Equity Group have both predicted the imminent release of the iPhone. Tortora believes Apple will announce two phones at the January 2007 MacWorld conference.

The iPhone will face extreme competition if it enters the market. Motorola and other phone manufacturers have had music playing phones for more than a year. Notable models include Motorola’s SLVR and ROKR phones and Sony’s Walkman line of phones.

Apple already seems to have a website for the iPhone. WHOIS records show that the company registered the domain name way back in December 1999. The website currently redirects to the main Apple webpage.


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