Spectec integrates Wi-Fi in microSD card

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Spectec integrates Wi-Fi in microSD card

SD cards with WiFi compatibility have been around for a while. They are used to provide wireless access to PDAs, smartphones, and other compatible electronics. However, Spectec has what it is calling the world’s first microSDIO WiFi 11g card. The new device is aimed at the growing market for microSD cards for cell phones and other compact mobile devices.

The card integrates IEEE 802.11b/g technology, with both infrastructure and ad-hoc modes, and functions with Windows CE 4.X-5.X devices. According to Spectec, the device is compatible with the voice-over Internet protocol (VoIP) service Skype.

At this time, the card is seemingly only available in Europe, at a price of around 90 Euro ($113). Spectec has not yet announced if and when it might come to the U.S.