LG sweetens phone selection with new Chocolate

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LG sweetens phone selection with new Chocolate

Not wanting to get rid of its top-selling handset brand, LG today announced that it will be releasing a new phone unofficially dubbed the new version of the Chocolate.

The announcement is not unexpected, since the Chocolate is LG’s top-selling phone, by far. Because it was just released earlier this year, the new version of Chocolate is not expected to hit stores at least until next year.

Currently, LG is in fourth place in the mobile phone business. Nokia, Motorola, and Samsung all have higher market share. Before the Chocolate, LG did not really have a distinctive name in the mobile market. Motorola’s RAZR, Samsung’s dominance in the entry-level market, and Nokia’s sheer volume of phones sort of left LG in the dust.

However, the Chocolate, which was released in the US in August, put LG on the map. According to a Reuters report, the Chocolate sells at twice the rate of any other LG phone, and the manufacturer expects more than six million to be sold by the end of the year.