Pure Digital camcorder shoots video to the Internet in one-click

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Pure Digital camcorder shoots video to the Internet in one-click

Consumers will soon be able to easily upload their camcorder videos with a new “Point and Shoot” camcorder from Pure Digital. The inexpensive recorder can record up to 60 minutes of video and then upload it to either Google Video or Sony’s Grouper service with one click.

The specs on the camcorder are fairly modest when you compare them to the average consumer camcorder. The Point and Shoot has a 2X digital zoom along with a 1.4″ LCD. Consumers transfer the video with a USB connector and the included software can easily upload the video up to Google Video or Grouper.

Video sharing is all the rage these days. Google recently purchased video sharing site YouTube for $1.6 billion in stock. The Pure Digital Point and Shoot camcorder currently does not upload to YouTube.

While professional and prosumer video addicts will probably shun the Pure Digital camcorder, other consumers may buy it for the convenience of easy uploading. Video editing, something that Pure Digital is eliminating, traditionally has been the most time consuming portion of video sharing.

The Pure Digital Point and Shoot Camcorder will be available in early November at major retailers like Target and Costco. The 30-minute version will sell for $130, while the 60-minute one will retail for around $170.


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