Wireless USB hub slated for November arrival

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Wireless USB hub slated for November arrival

Y-E Data, a developer and manufacturer of computer peripherals, announced plans to bring a new wireless connection hub to consumers in November. The hub can be used, with a connection to a USB dongle, to provide a wireless connection to most USB devices, according to Y-E Data.

The technology is based on Wisair’s Ultra Wideband (UWB) chipset, which allows wireless data transfer. The computer can then communicate with the hub when a USB dongle is connected to a computer.

The wireless hub will be Y-E Data’s first wireless connection device, and it may become the first UWB-enabled accessory since the wireless format was approved in Japan last month. It also marks the first company to use the UWB platform in commercial application from chipset manufacturer Wisair.

According to Y-E Data, the wireless hub will be available for sample testing in October, with volume shipments expected some time in November.


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