Microsoft slams mobile devices with social software service

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Microsoft slams mobile devices with social software service

As reported on the official Microsoft blog, version 1.0 of Slam, a social networking application for Windows Mobile devices, has been released. Slam allows users to send text and picture messages in bulk to an entire group of pre-defined mobile numbers.

The Slam client, which is currently only available for Windows smartphones, gives users the ability to set custom groups of people, such as “friends”, “coworkers”, or “Tuesday night poker group”. They can then write out an SMS and send it to everyone in a certain group with the touch of one button. This can be done not only for text messaging, but also for sending images.

For efficient sending and receiving of messages, the service runs through HTTP, rather than standard SMS means. Thus, Microsoft stresses the importance of the bulk message originator having a hefty online data transmission plan.

Additionally, the client allows users to track individual group members, using a mobile version of MSN’s Virtual Earth. However, because of privacy concerns, various settings enable users to restrict showing their location, even if they are on someone’s Slam group.

The client can be downloaded for free from Microsoft’s Slam Web site.