Fujitsu adds to Sony battery recall count

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Fujitsu adds to Sony battery recall count

Fujitsu today announced today that it recalled approximately 287,000 notebook computers equipped with Sony-built batteries. The total number of recalled notebooks with Sony batteries has now topped 7.5 million.

Last week, Fujitsu said that their computers were affected by the defective Sony batteries, but did not announce how many would be recalled.

With 287,000 affected computers, Fujitsu is just a blip on the radar. Other, larger scale companies have had to recall millions. Dell remains the hardest hit from the massive battery recall, accounting for more than half of the 7.5 million affected laptops. Apple, Lenovo, IBM, and Toshiba have also announced large-scale recalls of their notebook computers.

Problems that have occured as a result of the affected computers range from minimal overheating to spontaneous combustion.

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