Gangs of London for PSP hits the streets

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Gangs of London for PSP hits the streets

Sony Computer Entertainment America today announced that its Gangs of London viudeo game for the PSP is now available in retail stores throughout North America.

See images of Gangs of London …

Exclusive for the PSP, Gangs of London is an action/driving game that, according to Sony, has “gritty graphic-novel style narratives” to take players through the 60 different task-based missions that are presented in the game.

In addition to a “free roaming” mode, which has become popular thanks to massive hits like Grand Theft Auto, there is a story mode, gang battle mode, and a slew of mini-games. According to Sony, 25 square miles of virtual streets are available to be explored, with customization levels ranging from vehicles to the level of police force on the streets. A connection to another PSP device with installed Gangs of London will unlock exclusive features.

Developed by Sony’s London Studio, famous for their work on “The Getaway” franchise, the game is billed as being created specifically with PSP specifications in mind. “Gangs of London is varied, quick-fire, and fun with all original content designed exclusively for the PSP system. Now you can control and give orders to your team of gangsters to orchestrate the most ruthless takeover of the London underworld,” said Daniel Navarro, London Studio, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

Gangs of London is rated M and is priced at $40.


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