Imorphosis shows off automatic podcast downloader

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Imorphosis shows off automatic podcast downloader

Are you a podcast addict, but can’t stand the hassle or the time needed to download all your new episodes? Imorphosis, a San Ramon, CA-based company, is developing a podcast appliance that automatically downloads and synchronizes podcasts to your Ipod and most other MP3 players. The ivory white docking unit has a Cat 5 Ethernet connection to directly download the podcasts, without a computer.

Imporhposis representatives showed off the prototype unit at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo recently held in Ontario, California. Podcasts are subscribed to through a web interface and then the user just has to dock their iPod or connect another MP3 player via the USB port. Company representatives told us that players from iRiver and Creative Labs are supported and that the dock also charges the iPod.

Now the unit doesn’t actually store the podcasts in memory and merely alerts the user that a new episode is available with a blinking light. Downloads start when you dock or plug in the player and representatives told us that the unit also automatically deletes old podcast episodes.

The Imorphosis unit should be available in two to three months for under $100.


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