Dell recalls another 100,000 notebook batteries

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Dell recalls another 100,000 notebook batteries

Round Rock (TX) – Dell today announced that they have updated the number of battery packs in their notebook computers that were affected by the recall of Sony batteries. According to Dell, the number has been increased from 4.1 million to 4.2 million.

Dude, your Dell just exploded…

This announcement further cements Dell as the laptop manufacturer hit most hard by the Sony recall. 1.8 million notebook computers from Apple have been recalled, as well as 340,000 from Toshiba, because of the safety hazard of the defective Sony batteries used.

The recall stems back to pictures of “exploding” notebook computers that spread through the Internet, which led Dell and Apple to run their own internal investigations. They found the root of the problem to be in the battery packs. Both Dell and Apple, as well as Toshiba, use Sony-manufactured batteries in several of their notebook models.

In terms of financial impact, the latest number that was released was $267 million. A representative from Sony’s Chinese division gave that estimate a little over two weeks ago. Since then, Toshiba announced that their laptops were also affected, and now the number of impacted Dell computers has shot up by 100,000. In total, the number of recalled computers has reached topped 6.5 million.

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