X-Arcade unleashes 20-pound joystick

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X-Arcade unleashes 20-pound joystick

Joysticks and other controllers often break under the stress of gaming, but X-Arcade claims that it can offer an almost indestructible (and insanely heavy) joystick. The “Tankstick” promises to revive arcade gaming at home and comes with two control sticks, along with several arcade-style buttons. 18 classic games, including Space Invaders, Galaga and Donkey Kong are included.

The two control sticks of the 20-pound Tankstick are complemented by eight buttons each. Additionally, there are pinball-type ‘flipper’ buttons on the sides of the chassis.

The joystick connects to a PC or Mac via an USB cable. X-Arcade also offers adapters for console systems like the Xbox and the PlayStation 2 for $20. X-Arcade said that it currently is developing adapters for the Xbox 360 and the upcoming Playstation 3.

The company is confident of the Tankstick’s ruggedness and includes with the device with a lifetime warranty. “The X-Arcade is built to be bulletproof,” says X-Arcade.

The X-Arcade Tankstick is currently selling for around $200.


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