Yahoo may acquire Facebook – WSJ

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Yahoo may acquire Facebook - WSJ

Yahoo apparently is in the final stages of negotiations to acquire social network directory Facebook. According to the newspaper, Facebook had similar talks about a possible sale of the company to Microsoft and Viacom. The volume of the acquisition is unclear, but could reach up to $1 billion, the WSJ wrote.

Facebook was founded in February of 2004 and has accumulated more the nine million users and is among the ten most visited websites on the Internet. The company reportedly approaches $100 million in annual revenues.

Most recently, the social networking site faced the protest of more than 700,000 members, who voiced the opposition to new features that let members track their friends. While sharing information is one of the core features of social networking, many Facebook members were concerned and some called the new features “stalker-ish” and “TMI – too much information”. Members have even formed the “Students Against Facebook News Feed” group within Facebook.

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