Desktop graphics market worth more than $23 billion – JPR

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Desktop graphics market worth more than $23 billion - JPR

Market research firm Jon Peddie Research (JPR) today said that the desktop PC graphics market has reached a volume of $5.88 billion in the second quarter of this year. This would translate into annual sales of more than $23.5 billion, which JPR believes, may be a conservative estimate, given the fact that the second quarter is a slow selling period.

From a standpoint that most computers today either come with integrated graphics solutions or mainstream graphics products, the unchallenged revenue lead of performance and enthusiast graphic cards may be somewhat surprising: According to JPR, the segment made up more than 73% ($4.32 billion) of graphics sales. The high-volume integrated market as well as the mainstream segment are valued by JPR at $482 million each. Workstation solutions follow with $479 million, value graphics cards are a distant fifth at $123 million.

JPR estimates that approximately 51.79 million desktop graphics devices shipped during the second quarter. 32.2 million (62%) were integrated solutions. Overall, Intel claimed 35% of the desktop graphics market, Nvidia cam in at 24% and ATI held 23%.