JVC to demo ‘pulsating sphere’ speakers

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JVC to demo 'pulsating sphere' speakers

Yokohama (Japan) – At an upcoming electronics expo, JVC will demo sphere-shaped speakers that are supposedly acoustically perfect. Resembling the floating assassin droids in Star Wars, the 12-sided speakers will emit sound from every side, except for the bottom. JVC claims the speaker will “disappear acoustically” to most listeners.

The new speakers are about 10 cm or 4 inches in diameter and contain 11 driver elements – one for each side, except for the bottom. Sound is pushed out through the drivers and the entire skin of the sphere acts as a sound source. Frequency response is up to 10 kHz and according to JVC, each side’s volume is within 1 dB of the others.

Traditional wood speaker systems distort sound because you can often hear the cabinet resonating. JVC claims this distortion is eliminated because sound is sent out from the entire surface.

JVC says it has 17 patents pertaining to the new speakers and will show them off at the A & V Festa convention next week in Yokohama.