Track people and valuables within 1 inch accuracy – video

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Track people and valuables within 1 inch accuracy - video

Los Angeles (CA) – Lost and stolen electronics are a fact of life for many businesses, but UK-based and aptly named Covert Asset Tracking Systems Ltd (CATSeye) promises to help recover items with itsline of electronic tracking devices. The company makes matchbook-sized transmitters that can be tracked with GPS, GSM phone towers or even radio frequency. Company reps gave us a quick video demo at the Los Angeles CTIA Wireless convention and even claimed to find items down to one-inch accuracy.

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CATSeye representatives told us the tracking devices are meant to be installed in commonly stolen electronics like laptops, GPS navigation units and desktop computers. The devices are tracked primarily through GPS, but GSM cellular tower tracking is used when there is no GPS signal.

Device locations are viewed with a web browser interface. Locations can be logged to a database and the server-side software can show a live location along with the street address. In the video you can see one device was tracked to a particular restaurant in the Little Tokyo neighborhood in Los Angeles.

But if tracking to a specific address isn’t good enough, CATSeye offers optional RF tracking antennas that can find objects with even greater accuracy. Basically you would mount this antenna in a car and then drive around to get a lock on the device. The antennas operate on the 915 Mhz range and cost from $100 to more than $1000 for the 1 inch accuracy model.

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