New Slingbox in the works

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New Slingbox in the works

Sling Media has received approval from the FCC for a new version of its media streaming console Slingbox. Currently titled the “Slingbox A/V,” it comes with audio/video cable inputs on the side to allow streaming of recorded content from external sources like a DVR or DVD player.

Slingbox lets users stream edia from a connected TV and then play it back on a notebook computer connected to the Internet. There are also versions of the Sling Player software for Pocket PCs and mobile phones. The original Slingbox does not have inputs for A/V cables, which seems to be the main change to the new Slingbox A/V.

The original box was released in the summer of 2005 and this will be the console’s first major hardware update.

First images of the Slingbox A/V


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