Archos PMP will get a Wi-Fi add-on

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Archos PMP will get a Wi-Fi add-on

Archos will soon offer an updated version of its current “604” portable media player (PMP) that can connect to Wi-Fi networks: Named “604 Wi-Fi,” the device sports the same design and basic hardware specs as the regular 604, the new player will enable users to share digital content with other devices such as PC that are connected to a 802.11 b/g network.

The device will also include a version of Opera’s web browser to allow users to surf the Internet. Data entry is enabled via the 4.3″ (480×272 pixel) touchscreen and a virtual keyboard.

The Archos 604 Wi-Fi

The 604 Wi-Fi will be one of the first devices to come closer to the idea that any type of digital media – especially images, audio and video – is available anytime and anywhere throughout the home. Consider the web browser and some may even see the vision of the original, wireless and battery-equipped webpad come true, sadly about five years too late to attempt to save the product segment. The wireless feature also connects the Archos PMP to Windows networks to retrieve or send content from PCs.

Networking interface of the 604 Wi-Fi

All other technical specifications will be identical with the regular 604 and will include a 30 GB hard drive, audio- and video recording capability, audio and video playback, support for displaying digital images and PDF files. The maximum battery should decrease slightly over the 604’s 16 hours for music listening and five hours for video playback.

Pricing and availability of the 604 Wi-Fi have not been announced.