Wi-Fire antenna promises to triple Wi-Fi range

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Wi-Fire antenna promises to triple Wi-Fi range

A small startup company is developing a wireless antenna that promises to dramatically extend range. According to documents filed with the FCC, hField Technologies is developing its “Wi-Fire” wi-fi b/g antenna system which plugs into a USB port. Using a combination of directional and powered amplification, the antenna promises to triple wireless range for the “seriously mobile” user.

The four ounce antenna is basically an amplified patch antenna that has a 10.4 dBi antenna gain along with a transmit power of +14 dBm. hField claims this will extend a typical 300 foot connection to more than 1000 feet. In addition, it claims the antenna will receive up to 30 MB/s at 200 feet.

Wireless experts have been extending their connections for several years with souped up Wi-Fi cards and directional antennas. There are several cards that pump out 200 to 300 mw of power and it’s easy to find an antenna that can triple or even quadruple the effective power output.

There is no word when the antenna will be available or what price it will sell at.


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