OCZ counters Corsair with 1120 MHz memory

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OCZ counters Corsair with 1120 MHz memory

Performance memory makers are upping the speed of their flasghip memory devices, a few megahertz at a time. Following Corsair, which yesterday announced a $650, 1111 MHz PC-8889 2 GB memory kit, OCZ today announced a 1120 Mhz PC-9000 device.

With increasing speed, the names of the memory modules get more complicated – in the case of the newest OCZ model that would be ” Ti Alpha VX2 DFI Special Edition” – and more exclusive: OCZ said that the new product is “an exclusively engineered series of memory optimized for the new DFI LAN Party UT NF590 SLI-M2R” motherboard. “As a member of the cutting edge OCZ Voltage eXtreme lineup, the PC2-9000 VX2 DFI Special series is custom-built for high-voltage operation and record-breaking speeds of 1120MHz on the DFI M2R motherboard,” OCZ stated in a press release.

Pricing has not been announced, but don’t expect the PC2-9000 modules to be much cheaper than Corsair’s “Dominator” memory. Current OCZ PC2-8000 Ti 2 GB kits (2 x 1 GB) are currently selling for prices around $500.