Tom’s Hardware launches updated Interactive VGA Charts

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Tom's Hardware launches updated Interactive VGA Charts

Tom’s Hardware has updated its popular VGA Charts that allow readers to compare the performance and value of two graphics cards in various benchmark disciplines side by side.

The latest version of the VGA Charts includes 60 different graphics cards – 30 ATI cards and 30 Nvidia cards. The majority of the list (36) is still based on single-GPU solutions, but dual-graphics (SLI and Crossfire) setups are making their way into the ranking. For users who have not transitioned to PCI Express, there are seven AGP cards as well.

Readers can compare a total of 39 benchmark disciplines and performances in games such as Age of Empires 3, Black & White 2, Call of Duty 2, F.E.A.R., Quake 4, Serious Sam 2 and 3DMark06.

Click here to see the latest version of Tom’s Hardware’s Interactive VGA Charts.

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