LCD TV shipments surge despite economic potholes :NPD

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LCD TV shipments surge despite economic potholes :NPD

Austin (TX) – A report by NPD analyst unit DisplaySearch published yesterday states worldwide shipments of LCD TVs rose during the usually less vigorous spring quarter of the year by an astonishing 28% over the first quarter, and 135% over Q2 2005. Perhaps more astonishing, high North American sales were to credit for the boost, up 48% over the prior year.

Revenue gains paralleled the unit shipment gains in the last quarter – up 29% over the previous quarter, and 138% year-over-year, reflecting at least one electronics market in the world where margins are apparently healthy. Philips (which also sells TVs in North America under the Magnavox brand) was the big benefactor, gaining half a percent of worldwide LCD TV shipment market share over the previous year. It remains #1 on the NPD list, gaining distance from #2 Samsung (12.5%, down 0.6%), #4 Sony (11.0%, down 0.7%), and #5 LG (6.9%, down 0.8%). Sharp picked up the remainder of the gains, absorbing a nice 1.3% market share over the previous year, breaking its virtual tie with Sony to hold on to third position. In terms of revenue, however, Sony remains the leader worldwide, but even there it ceded ground to #3 Philips and #4 Sharp, with nice revenue gains there over the prior year.

The NPD numbers were released just in time for the annual DisplaySearch HDTV conference, so that manufacturers could determine their proper pecking order while standing in line for lunch. Most likely, Philips took the lead spot in line, while Sony paid.

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