Air Magnet adds wireless endpoint security product

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Air Magnet adds wireless endpoint security product

Sunnyvale (CA) – Air Magnet today announced a family of endpoint security software products focused on securing enterprise mobile Wi-Fi devices.

Air Magnet “StreetWise” enforces wireless LAN security by setting strict client connection policies that include approved hardware lists and enforcing location-aware policies that adapt to users’ locations. The product can also control communication ports on wireless clients including Bluetooth, infrared, serial and parallel ports. The product, however, cannot control USB port use, except when the ports are used to connect a Wi-Fi adapter.

Other features include client “self-defense” that prevents end users from evading or disabling it, compliance with FIPS 140-2 and prevention of common “security holes” such as simultaneously connecting to a wired and wireless network and ad hoc connections.

StreetWise is available in three different software versions that support different administration methods. The basic StreetWise lets administrators create policies and manually install software on end-user laptops, while StreetWise Central is administrator-controlled and managed from a central server. Air Magnet is also making a user-administrated Street Wise Personal freeware version available for consumer download.

StreetWise and StreetWise Central are available now and priced at $29 and $45 per seat respectively. StreetWise Personal is also available now as a free download.