Microsoft and Epic to release "Gears of War" on 12 November

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Microsoft and Epic to release "Gears of War" on 12 November

Redmond (WA) – The next third person shooter is set to make its debut this holiday season. Microsoft Game Studio and Epic Games today announced that their “high-definition” game “Gears of War” for the Xbox 360 game console will be available in North America on 12 November.

Gears of War slide show …

Gears of War is once again set in a troubled and hopeless scenario that leads the player though “mankind’s struggle” against monsters called the “Locust Horde” in this case. Microsoft believes that “high-definition graphics” and an “intense storyline” set the game apart from competitive titles.

“Our vision is to deliver a one-two punch of cinematic action paired with a thrilling and compelling interactive experience,” said Cliff Bleszinski, lead designer at Epic, in a prepared statement. “With ‘Gears of War’ we’ve created a title that will place gamers directly in the shadows of a ravaged world, surrounded by the beautiful remnants of a destroyed city and the horrific dangers that hide in the rubble.”

According to the developers, the new game especially highlights team play. Gamers will be able to walk through the levels either with other human players or A.I. enhanced computer players. Among the team features are voice recognition as well as an individual matchmaking capability. Players will be able to personalize their profiles via Microsoft’s Xbox Live service.

The game will be selling for $60, but Microsoft will also be offering the current limits with a “collector’s edition” of Gears of War. Fore $10 more, buyers will get a “highly collectible metal box” as well as a “Making of” DVD.