LG releases "Time Machine" television sets with built-in hard drives

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LG releases "Time Machine" television sets with built-in hard drives

Seoul (South Korea) – If you want Tivo-like functionality built into a television, LG has a couple sets just for you. The company has announced two new 37″ and 42″ HD LCD sets, with what it calls “Time Machine” capability. Each model has a 250 GB hard drive that starts recording when the set is turned on.

Both television sets display 1920 by 1080 pixels, which LG says is twice the resolution of normal HD television sets. The TVs also have a 6000 to 1 color contrast ratio and a six millisecond response time.

The 37″ 37LB2DR sells for around $3155 (after currency conversion) while the 42″ 42LB2DR retails for $4417. Unfortunately, the sets are currently only available in Korea, as is, apparently, the broadcast standard applicable for that very-high resolution.

Picture of the previous generation 42LB1DR television

LG currently does sell hard-drive-integrated sets to the United States market. The 42″ 42LB1DR LCD television is the obvious predecessor to the 42LB2DR, with a smaller 160 GB HDD and an MSRP of around $2700.


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